Barbara Rae at the Summer Exhibition 2015

At the Summer Exhibition there was a wonderful painting by Barbara Rae, entitled Inlet. The painting is strongly evocative of the sea, with underlying images of boats and seagulls, perhaps a quay. The painting is made up of large areas of paint, textured, varied and interesting. There is lots of space for you as the viewer to respond purely to the paint surface, the layers of paint, the drips, the paper with text that has been stuck beneath the paint layers, the suggestions of water, the fabulous colours of the painting.


I like the way Barbara Rae’s work is balanced between figuration and abstraction.

I also loved the two prints she had in one of the print galleries which again evoked landscape, through the use of colour, texture and minimal suggestion of place.

Looking at those works is a lesson in how every mark made in a painting or print plays its part.