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In my landscape paintings I am seeking to represent real places using colour and light in expressive paintwork. My work is influenced by Impressionist and Post Impressionist painters, especially Monet and Van Gogh, along with contemporary artists such as David Hockney, Peter Doig, Barbara Rae and Gillian Ayres, Derby-based artist Andrew Macara and Dorset artist Hugo Grenville. I am impressed by landscape paintings and photography of the last two centuries which reveal the grandeur of landscapes all over the world. In my own neck of the woods I am constantly surprised by the beauty of nature with its emotive qualities of light and colour, and the interesting things that happen whilst I sit quietly observing. The figures in my paintings are important as I want to give the sense that you are in that landscape, experiencing it, moving through it.

Each painting starts with finding a subject whilst walking, which I return to with my painting gear. Sometimes I do a detailed drawing, sometimes a watercolour sketch, sometimes I paint in oils on canvas, but always painting or drawing with the subject in front of me initially. I then continue work in the studio, where the painting is finished.

I have a purpose built studio in my garden which is perfect for me as it is quiet and convenient. Work in the studio is balanced with drawing and painting out of doors.

Years of walking and working in natural surroundings every day helps to keep me happy and well. I want my paintings to have the same emotional uplift that I feel when I see trees laden with blossom by a rushing river in the sunshine, or deep quiet shadows with glowing colours in autumnal woodland. I am concerned to celebrate our landscapes at a time when the long term future of our trees, flowers, animals and birds is uncertain, but above all to share the powerful connection we have with the natural world.

I have lived in Derbyshire for most of my life, and now live near Derby. In the 1980s I studied Fine Art at Middlesex University and then the West of England Art School (now part of Bristol University) where I specialised in painting. In 2005 I completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Fine Art at Derby University. I have an Adult Teaching Certificate and am an experienced adult art teacher.

My paintings are in private and public collections in the UK and America.



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